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The Tuck-it SE

February 10, 2014

Here you go. A Tuckable Hybrid holster under 60 bucks.

 This Concealment holster was designed with durrability, comfort and concealment in mind. When purchasing an concealed carry holster you want to know it is going to conceal your firearm, while keeping it comfortable, and secure. If you are going to spend close to $60.00 on it you want to know it is going to be worth it.

We know what is needed to make an excellent holster. We started with 9-10oz veg. tanned leather for comfort and durrability. We designed a shape that will work for comfort and effeciency when drawing a firearm. Then we round and smooth out all the edges for comfort. Then we use only Kydex® Brand thermoplastic to form the holster pocket. We use .080 kydex for durrability. Lastly we use American Made Metal belt clips to ensure you won’t have to worry about breaking a belt clip.

While manufacturing these concealment holsters, know what to look for. We hand fit each holster to ensure that the entire trigger area in covered, We make sure the Magazine release is clear of the leather so you wont have to worry about a magazine disengaging, and we check to make sure you will be able to get a full and proper grip in your pistol while it is still in the Holster.



These  Concealed Carry holsters are available inNatural, Black and Pink at no additional charge.

With our lifetime Warranty, this will be the last holster you will ever need to buy.

All Tuck-It Se Holsters are made to Order, Please allow 4-6 weeks for Delivery


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