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Buying American

January 20, 2012

As many of you know I am a Buy American Person. No I know it is not always possible to find the products that you want and can afford with that Made in the USA label.

Well, We  at have been working hard to find products Made in the U.S.A. We have a full line of Products from Liberty Sporting Goods in St. Louis Mo. The products that they sell are made in their plant in St. Louis. As a matter of fact the Salesman that we order from Also is one of the people out on the floor Pushing the Fabric Thru the Sewing Machine. Right now We have a limited number of products on the site, But we will be adding more each week.

Black Belt Holster

We have the following products:

  • Ambidextrous belt holster
  • soft Inside The Pants Holster (IWB Hloster)
  • Vertical Shoulder Holster
  • Horizontal Holster
  • assault Rifle Soft Cases
  • Rifle and Shotgun Soft Cases.

We will be adding :

  • Single Mag Pouch( small and Large)
  • Double Mag. Pouch ( Small and Large)
  • Double Speed Loader Holder
  • Handcuff Case
  • Nylon Gun Belts
  • Shotgun/Rifle Slings
  • upholstery Sleeve (54″, 66″)
  • Pistol Soft Cases
  • Ankle Holster
  • Ballistic Nylon Pancake Holster

We will also be adding Range Bags Made in the USA by Quest. These things ar awesome. The will be available in Black, OD Green, Digital Cammo, Pink Cammo. Also from these guys Rifle and Pistol Hard Cases.

As always Any Products that are manufactured by 2nd Ammendment Stuff LLC are Manufactured in The U.S.A.

WE are still trying to find Mor Made in the USA products for The 2nd Amendment community

These Products can be purchase at

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