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Satisfied Customer

January 23, 2012

     On December 20th I got an email from a Guy looking for a Shoulder Holster. He was frustrated with other Companies. He felt like they were Overpriced, and he was going to have to wait a very long time to get a Left handed Shoulder holster w/ a double mag. pouch for 8 round Mags.

     I told Him We could do it for him, Ant it would take 10 days to 2 weeks to get it done. The price would be $150.00. He was elated. He was a friend and Co-worker of a previous customer. I was glad to hear that a previous customer thought of us enough to refer a friend.

     We got started on it the next day. We were able to get it done and delivered to him in Oklahoma before new years eve. This made him even Happier.

I received an email this weekend from him.

Shoulder holster review
I purchased a left-handed shoulder holster from second ammendment stuff, about a month ago for my 1911R1. It arrived very quickly and I was kept up to date on progress. Every email I sent was responded to very very quickly, I cannot say enough about the outstanding customer service have received. As for the holster it was extremely well built, I have carried in several different situations with the rig, from long car trips to helping a friend move, it is an amazingly comfortable way to conceal a large frame pistol. I am definitely a repeat customer and will send anyone who will listen, to these guys to get their holsters from now on. You can’t beat their price, quality, customer service, you just can’t get any better. Thanks guys for providing a great holster at a great price.

I was glad to hear it. It is so rewarding when a Customer Has kind things to say not only about your Product, But also about the service. I replied to him to let him Know I would be sending him a small token of appreciation for his kind words. I am giving him a free IWB Nylon Holster from Liberty Sporting goods.

We sell these for $15.00 on the web site

This Was his Reply:

Thank you very much. I have learned it is completely impossible not to feel like a complete bad @$$ while wearing a shoulder rig.

If any of you would like to have one of these Left handed or Right handed, Contact us thru the Site, I can not always promise we can get them done this quickly, But We will try

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