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Customer review of our O.H.I.O. Holoster

February 8, 2013

This Is a review we received from a very satisfied customer of our O.H.I.O. Holster

you can purchase it here:

Front of Black

simply defining my criteria….

1. Comfort – no surprise here…., but I don’t want excessive movement of the holster on my belt or against by body. Firm but adjustable is what I like. For example, when I like to make a small adjustment getting in and out of my truck.

2. Durability – I don’t want to spend $$$ on something that goes on the top shelf or into the trash can after a couple years of use. It is very easy to end up with as much $$ in holsters and accessories as it is the gun that they’re matched too.

3. Functionality – Simple, is it made for my gun and do I need to compromise anything to make the system operate fully. In other words, even though the package shows my model of weapon on the packaging, will I have to “accept” some sort of short coming and/or modification that I need to make to improve the overall system.

4. Minimal Weapon Wear – I expect some wear, physics says its going to happen. Personally, i view my carry weapon as a “working weapon” so it will never go onto any trophy mantle. At the same time I don’t want a $600 weapon looking like a kids toy with the plating coming off after only a few months of use either.

5. Something I call “Combat Ready Retention” – This covers quite a bit…. I expect the weapon retention of the holster to be perfect if I’m on my JD Gator, 4 wheeler, running with my grandson, stacking wood, or ready to dispatch some jackass trying to come into my home. I cant be ready for the combat (CQC) situation if I have no confidence that my holster will get me and my weapon to that moment or situation.

6. Appearance – while I don’t need the holster to make a fashion statement, I don’t want it to look like my two and a half year old grandson made it either. However, I firmly believe in function over fashion.

Criteria defined, same as the last review,… now lets get down to the nitty gritty…

Comfort – This holster is comfortable! I am still carrying a G19 and what I thought would be a problem due to the lack of realestate when compared to the “tuck it” turned out to be of no concern. For a small holster and mid to standard size weapon this holster is very comfortable. I have done long driving trips, duty station work, splitting wood, mowing, working, you name it… I have never had the thought “I cant wait to get this holster off of my side” go through my mind. My inside layer of clothing or undershirt doesn’t seem to get “walked up” even when the outside shirt is tucked in. Overall movement is limited and if I need or want to move the holster from the 4 o’clock to the 4:30 position or vice versa there is no issue whatsoever.

Durability – Again, your quality of materials is great. I have sweat to death in this holster, been sprayed with a hose, traveled to places and froze my @ss off and the leather and reinforced lip have maintained its shape with no issues at all. Ride height seems to be perfect for me regardless of jeans or shorts worn, I have had no issue regarding ride height and the cant is perfect. The cant seems a little less than 15 degrees, maybe its more like 13? Trade secret I’m sure, but its perfect.

Functionality – Following what I did prior I offered a score on the “tuck it” holster and I will do the same here…. I would give this holster a 99% functionality right out of the package! I love the holster the way it is, including the clips. I think that the clips should stay swivel and not fixed. When compared to the “tuck it” I said that fixed clips would be better for the holster (as I showed in my modifications) this O.H.I.O. needs NO CHANGE TO THE CLIPS. With the small realestate the additional slight movement that occurs allows the holster and weapon to move with my body and whatever activity that I am doing at the time.

Minimal Weapon Wear – Nothing to complain about here… only leather touching the weapon,… I cant see any wear issues occurring at all. So, someone that carries their “pretty” weapon instead of their “working” weapon will have no issues at all.

Combat Ready Retention – The weapon stays in the holster very well, just the natural tackiness of a good grained leather. I have never had the weapon “sneak” up, even after a run or some tree climbing to top a tree.

Appearance – Same as last review, I am not in this for fashion… However, a good looking holster sells when on the shelf. This holster has the appearance that I would expect and I like it very much. It has that manly well built appeal to it.

Wrapping up, this is the only holster that I wear, ask my wife! The only time that I haven’t worn it has been the far and few times that I have ankle carried. I think you have put one in the bulls-eye with this holster and I hope you sell a pile of them so other people can enjoy this holster as much as I do. Your materials, design and efforts have shown through in this holster. Even with everything that I have done with this holster you could still put it on the shelf and sell it as new. Matter of fact the only issue that I see is the fact that once someone buys this holster they wont need to buy a replacement for a very long time!


Thanks RJ from Ohio for this great review.

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