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The Tuck-it SE

February 10, 2014

Here you go. A Tuckable Hybrid holster under 60 bucks.

 This Concealment holster was designed with durrability, comfort and concealment in mind. When purchasing an concealed carry holster you want to know it is going to conceal your firearm, while keeping it comfortable, and secure. If you are going to spend close to $60.00 on it you want to know it is going to be worth it.

We know what is needed to make an excellent holster. We started with 9-10oz veg. tanned leather for comfort and durrability. We designed a shape that will work for comfort and effeciency when drawing a firearm. Then we round and smooth out all the edges for comfort. Then we use only Kydex® Brand thermoplastic to form the holster pocket. We use .080 kydex for durrability. Lastly we use American Made Metal belt clips to ensure you won’t have to worry about breaking a belt clip.

While manufacturing these concealment holsters, know what to look for. We hand fit each holster to ensure that the entire trigger area in covered, We make sure the Magazine release is clear of the leather so you wont have to worry about a magazine disengaging, and we check to make sure you will be able to get a full and proper grip in your pistol while it is still in the Holster.



These  Concealed Carry holsters are available inNatural, Black and Pink at no additional charge.

With our lifetime Warranty, this will be the last holster you will ever need to buy.

All Tuck-It Se Holsters are made to Order, Please allow 4-6 weeks for Delivery


2AS training announcement

February 9, 2014

2nd Amendment Stuff has decided to do something big. We have teamed up with 3G Tactical in Tipp City Ohio to create the 3G Tactical Training team.  This comes on the heels of 3G Tactical naming Our own Bill Martin as Chief Training Counselor. Our team consists of Male and female instructors from all walks of life. To read the bios of these instructors click on this link,

And this Link:

To read more about the courses that are being offered  check out these links:

Why Train with 3G Tactical

Training Courses 

NRA Certified Instructor Training

If you want to take a course, and have questions, contact Us 

If you have a group of people that you would like to take a class together, please use the contact us form and let us know. In most cases we can schedule to meet your needs. Weekdays, Evenings, Weekends.

This change will have no negative effect on the production of our quality holsters. If you would like to purchase our holsters as always they are available at
Read more…

If you are going to carry a gun you need to TRAIN

February 2, 2014

Because Training makes THE difference.

Reasons To Choose 3G Tactical For Training

At 3G Tactical we believe Training Makes THE Difference. Whether you want to learn the basic firearm safety rules, or be a World Class Competitive shooter, where and how you train will make all the difference. For that reason we have a staff of NRA Certified Firearms Instructors who have gone beyond basic training to bring all the tools that they possibly can to teach.
We teach the following NRA courses:
Refuse To Be A Victim
Home Firearm Safety
First Steps Pistol
First Steps Shotgun
First Steps Rifle
Basic Pistol
Basic Shotgun
Basic Rifle
Personal Protection In The Home
Personal Protection Outside the Home 1
Personal Protection Outside the home 2

We also offer the following NON- NRA Approved Classes:
Ohio CCW (NRA Basic Pistol/Ohio CCW)
Defensive Pistol 1
Defensive Pistol 2
Defensive Shotgun
Tactical Carbine

Instructor Courses:
NRA Basic Instructor Training
NRA Home Firearm Safety
NRA Pistol Instructor
NRA Rifle Instructor
NRA Shotgun Instructor
NRA Personal Protection In The Home Instructor
NRA Personal Protection Outside the home Instructor

Where to Start
The question we often receive is: Where do I start? The answer is different for everyone. But as a general rule, those asking want to learn the basics, and then progress. In other words they want to move from the simple to the complex. And most of those asking this question are referring to pistol training.
Below, we suggest the steps to take with pistol training; and then beyond to shotgun & rifle training, and use of the Modern Sporting Rifle…also known as “AR”. Once you have more basic training, you may find that you have what it takes to be an NRA Certified Instructor yourself…in that case, we can direct and train you to be the trainer!
Using the NRA format of moving from the simple to the complex, these are the steps a person would want to follow to learn how to use a handgun for self defense:
First, NRA Basic Pistol Shooting, or the Ohio CCW/ NRA Basic Pistol Course.
Second, Take the NRA Personal Protection In the Home Course
Third, Take the NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home 1 Course
Fourth, Take the NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home 2 Course
Fifth, Take the NON-NRA Defensive Pistol 1 Course.
If Shotgun is more what you are looking for, the question is; Do you want to learn to shoot Trap or Skeet, or are you looking to learn how to use your shotgun for home defense?
If you want to learn to shoot Trap or Skeet, then the NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting Course is for you.
If Using a Shotgun for Home/Self defense is what you are looking for, then Defensive Shotgun would be the Class for you.
If Rifle is more what you want to learn to use; Are you looking to learn basic target shooting, or defensive shooting skills with a rifle?
If you want to learn to use your rifle for target shooting, then the NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course is for you.
If you want to learn to use your Modern Sporting Rifle (Some call these an AR), then our Tactical Carbine course is for you.
If you have recently purchased a new pistolrifle, or shotgun, we offer the NRA First S.T.E.P.S. instruction program for each.
A firearm is a TOOL. They can be safe or unsafe. The manner in which they are stored and handled will dictate the difference.
Others may charge less, or teach shorter classes; but do you really want to base your training with firearms on the “Lowest Bidder“? A shortcut could be devastating. The NRA has been teaching Firearms Safety and Marksmanship since its incorporation in 1871. Hundreds of thousands of hours have gone into developing their training method. Come learn from instructors that the NRA has certified, trained and mentored to teach you. Come to 3G Tactical.

Classes held locally at our store front in Tipp City, OH and at a private outdoor range.
3G Tactical
3G Tactical
135 E. Main St.
Tipp City, OH 45371

Action Needed, Contact your Ohio State Representative

October 1, 2013

Have you contacted your Ohio State Representative and asked them to Support HB203? Why not. Do it today..

Here is a Description of what is in the Bill.

To amend sections 109.69, 109.85, 109.86, 311.41, 2901.09, 2917.11, 2917.31, 2923.11, 2923.125, 2923.1210, 2923.1213, 2923.13, and 2923.14 of the Revised Code to authorize the automatic validity in Ohio of a concealed handgun license issued by another state if the other state automatically recognizes as valid in that state an Ohio concealed handgun license without the need for any reciprocity agreement between the states; to eliminate the requirement that a former military member applying for a concealed handgun license acquire a competency certification if more than six years have passed since the member’s honorable discharge or retirement; to eliminate the requirement that the training required to obtain a competency certification be conducted for a minimum number of twelve hours; to amend the disqualifiers that prohibit a person from owning a firearm and that prohibit a person from obtaining a concealed handgun license; to permit a person living in any state to apply for a concealed handgun license or a temporary concealed handgun license in Ohio; to permit an active or reserve member of the military or their spouse to renew a concealed handgun license by mail if the member or spouse is outside of the state; to permit investigators employed by the Attorney General to investigate Medicaid fraud to go armed in the same manner as sheriffs and regularly appointed police officers; to require a sheriff to contact the national instant criminal background check system when running a criminal records check upon an applicant for a concealed handgun license or for a renewal of such a license; to expand the locations at which a person has no duty to retreat before using force in self-defense; and to provide that the exercise of a constitutional or statutory right is not, in itself, the offense of disorderly conduct or inducing panic and does not constitute reasonable, articulable suspicion of criminal activity.


Use this link for Contact info for your Representative.

Training or just shootin?

July 2, 2013

If you have been looking for ammo lately, you know that if you can find it, it is more expensive these days.  So, the question is are you using your ammo wisely?  When you go t o the range, are you training, or just putting lead downrange?  No I understand, sometimes there is just something fun about going to the range, and just putting some lead on target.  I agree there is something therapeutic about pressing the trigger and feeling the recoil, and hearing the bang, and seeing the holes on the target.  I am in no way saying there is not a time and place for “range therapy”.  I am asking this question for those who have limited funds and even less ammo.

Many of my readers have a training regimen  to stay in good physical condition, or to manage their weight, but do you have a training regimen where saving your own life during a critical incident is concerned?  Do you practice reloads properly?  Do you practice clearing malfunctions?  Do you practice stepping right and left on the draw, on the reload, on the malfunction clearing?  Do you even know how to do these things? Are you using your limited ammunition supply to Train yourself, or are you wasting ammo?

Some of you know how to do these things.  The question is do you practice them?  Some of you do not know how to do these things. The question is do you know where to learn? Following is a list of things you can do to work on your self-defense skills:

1) Take a class or two or three or….

If you do not know how to properly do the things I asked about earlier you need to learn them. Find a good defensive firearms instructor, and take some of their courses that teach defensive shooting skills.  In most cases your basic CCW class only taught the basics of shooting at best. A good instructor should have encouraged you to seek further training. Did you?  If you took a cut rate class, or your instructor covered only the basics, you didn’t learn as much as you think you did.

2) Practice what you learned:

After you learn the proper techniques, you will need to practice them regularly.

3) Dry-fire practice:

Dry-fire involves all of the fundamentals of the techniques without live ammo. This is a good way to practice for free. Just remember to practice safely, and please lock your ammo up. The last thing you want to do is use a loaded magazine during dry-fire practice, and have a negligent discharge.

4) find a range to practice on.

Many ranges will not allow you to practice drawing from a holster, or moving side to side while on the firing line. You will have to ask these questions before paying range fees.

5) Take private lessons

Many defensive firearms instructors will work with you one on one, or in small groups.

I am proud to say that 2nd Amendment Stuff firearms training does offer one on one and small group training. We offer the ability to schedule any of our courses one on one, or for your small group, We also offer one on one training hourly. for fees, and to schedule an appointment please contact our lead instructor at

LOGO small email


Are your training yourself to do the wrong thing?

May 10, 2013

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of taking  “Combative Pistol II”  from Tom Givens. This was an intense 2 day Defensive pistol course. We spent a lot of time making sure we could draw our firearm properly, and get hits on target quickly and accurately. As an instructor, I always want to make sure I am teaching students proper technique. But, one of the problems we as instructors have, is we spend a lot of time teaching, and our owns skills will start to slowly deteriorate. Not because we don’t know the proper technique, but rather because we spend so much time correcting others, that we don’t train ourselves as much as we should. I had a martial arts instructor who said he learned very early in is teaching career            ” when a student is in the ring, never tell them what not to do, because that is what they will fixate on, and that is what they will do, or they will only focus on what not to do, and forget to do what they are supposed to do” . I think as instructors it is very possible to keep correcting others and therefore we start to take on the bad habits that we tell others not to do, because we are thinking about not doing them.  Whether you are an instructor, or someone practicing and training to defend yourself in a critical incident, it is important to practice proper technique.  I believe it is also very important to not let your training program get in a rut. As The quote from Lt. Col. Dave Grossman points out in the ” Sheepdog tip of the day” It is possible to train yourself to do the wrong thing, and not even realize it. When your heart rate is up, and your “instincts” kick in, you will revert back to your training. Please make sure you take a serious look at your training, If you find that you are doing the wrong thing, think about it, and make the necessary change.


Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, On Combat

One police officer gave another example of learning to do the wrong thing. He took it upon himself to practice disarming an attacker. At every opportunity, he would have his wife, a friend or a partner hold a pistol on him so he could practice snatching it away. He would snatch the gun, hand it back and repeat several more times.

One day he and his partner responded to an unwanted man in a convenience
store. He went down one isle, while his partner went down another. At the end
of the first aisle, he was taken by surprise when the suspect stepped around
the corner and pointed a revolver at him. In the blink of an eye, the officer
snatched the gun away, shocking the gunman with his speed and finesse. No
doubt this criminal was surprised and confused even more when the officer
handed the gun right back to him, just as he had practiced hundreds of times
before. Fortunately for this officer, his partner came around the corner and
shot the subject.

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, On Combat

If you are looking for a good defensive pistol training, Please visit the following link, and sign up for one of our courses:

CCW Class Dates for 2013

March 19, 2013

CCW Class Dates for 2013.

People are registering for these Ohio Concealed Carry Classes (CCW) months in advance, But there are still a few spots in the upcomong classes, register now to secure your spot.

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