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CCW Class Dates for 2013

February 11, 2013

Listed below please find the Class dates for Firearms training.

Ohio CCW/NRA Basic Pistol Classes

We have 2 formats for this class. We have the one day 12hr. Class, And we offer a 3 night class 4 hours each night for a total of 12 hours. The 3 night class typically start at 6pm  each night.

Our Classes at least 12 hrs.  long and exceeds the Ohio educational  requirement to apply for your Ohio License To Carry a Concealed Handgun. Our Classroom is In 3G Tactical 135 E. Main St Tipp City, OH 45371 We hold the shooting portion of the class at our private Training only range. This is an Outdoor Range. We will train Rain or shine So please dress appropriately

You will need to bring your Ohio Drivers license, or another State issued ID. Ear protection, Eye protection, Ink pen, A safe shooting handgun  100 rounds of ammo for your gun. If you do not Have a handgun Please let us know. We will let you use one of our .22lr handguns for the class.

The cost of our class is $120.00. This includes Professional instruction by an NRA Certifies Instructor, NRA basic shooting course materials, Ohio Attorney General Concealed Carry Handbook and License Application.

Lunch is included in the cost of the class. We are proud to Have partnered with A Fat Boyz Pizzeria of Troy, Ohio.

One day 12hr. classes:

Feb 16th                                                                                                                    August 17th

March 16th                                                                                                               September 17th

April 27th                                                                                                                October 19th

May 11th (Women Only Class) May 18th                                                     November16th

June 15th                                                                                                                Dec.21

July 20th

To Register, Go to this Link  Pick a date and check out.

3 Evening Classes:

March 18,19,21

May 21,21,23

September 23,24,26

Dec 2,3,5

To Register, Go to this Link  Pick a date and check out.

If you do not see a date that works for you, and/or  have a group of 8-12 people who would like to take the class together, Please contact us directly. We will be happy to schedule a Private class for you.

Contact Info:

LOGO small email2nd Amendment Stuff

phone: 937-698-9324



3glogo 3G Tactical

135 E. Main St

Tipp City Ohio, 45371

Phone: 937-506-8108


Lunch Provided

Lunch Provided

A Fat Boyz Pizzeria

1469 S. Market St.

Troy Oh 45373

Phone: 937-339-6969



This CCW class is held in Tipp city, Ohio conveniently located only 20 minutes north of Dayton, Ohio. Our Classroom is only 4 minutes from I-75 exit 68 at 3 G Tactical, Our Private Outdoor Range is only 4 minutes from I-75 exit 69 at 2nd Amendment Stuff.  We take training seriously and so should you. If you are contemplating carrying a concealed handgun for your self-defense this is the class you need to take.  3 G tactical is Mimi Counties only Class 3 NFA dealer. Come check out the shop, and get some real training.

Even if you do not plan to apply for an Ohio license to Carry a Concealed Handgun, This is a great course to learn basic firearms safety, and basic pistol shooting skills. Our course is based on the NRA Basic Pistol shooting course. these Ohio Concealed Carry Classes (Ohio CCW) are filling up. Register soon to secure your spot.

Aiming for a Cure

February 10, 2013


Aiming for a Cure.

This event is a MUST attend. We need to all do our part to fight Breast Cancer

Aiming for a Cure

February 10, 2013

This event is a MUST attend. Please visit the link below, and register to come shoot. Have some fun, and help raise money to FIGHT Breast cancer.

What: The first annual Aiming for a Cure event is being held as part of What a Girl Wants to raise money to fight breast cancer. ALL PROCEEDS from the event will benefit the Pink Ribbon Girls and Hospice of Dayton through the Belinda Prewitt Memorial Fund. The event will include a rifle competition as well as an after party with live music and refreshments (food and beverage sales benefit the VFW Post). This day is dedicated to raising money to fight and awareness of a disease that has touched so many in a way that is safe and fun.


The first annual Aiming for a Cure event is being held as part of What a Girl Wants to raise money to fight breast cancer. ALL PROCEEDS from the event will benefit the Pink Ribbon Girls and Hospice of Dayton through the Belinda Prewitt Memorial Fund. The event will include a rifle competition as well as an after party with live music and refreshments (food and beverage sales benefit the VFW Post). This day is dedicated to raising money to fight and awareness of a disease that has touched so many in a way that is safe and fun.

  • SHOOTING: 100 yard rifle competition. The competition is freestyle from the line. This means that there will be no bench resting of the guns (no shooting off of sandbags, rifle bags, etc.). Firearms equipped with bipods and/or monopods are allowed. The targets will be standard 100 yard rifle targets. Shooters will fire five shots per target with standard scoring being applied (center of the hole will dictate the score for each round). The number of “X’s” will be used for tie-breakers. There will be a “junior” division for shooters 17 years of age and younger. Shooters can register below.


      The 3G mission is simple; we are Aiming for a Cure and we will


       lose track of the target. The target is defeating breast cancer. We will continue to fight for those who have gone before us as well as those who are in the fight at the present.
  • The Belinda Prewitt Memorial Fund was established to create, promote and conduct special events supporting programs dealing with various stages of breast cancer in an effort to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of breast cancer through education on symptoms, treatment and support.

  • Belinda, or as she was affectionately known to many; “Buffy” was from Tipp City, Ohio and died June 11, 2012 at Hospice of Dayton after a long battle against breast cancer. She was born on Little Rock Air Force Base April 19, 1967 to John and Diane Prewitt. She graduated from Tippecanoe High School in 1985 and became Interactive Account Director for Berry Network where she was employed for over 20 years.

  • Belinda was a breast cancer survivor who was selfless in her crusade to promote breast cancer awareness putting all others ahead of herself. She was a beautiful, strong and independent woman with a generous heart. She had a smile that was contagious with an onery laugh that brought happiness to all. She had a deep passion for animals, the beach, flowers and most importantly fun. Even in the darkest times, nothing could ever dampen her spirit. She taught us that life is short and we have to “Live Like We’re Dying”. Belinda was, is and always will be the driving force behind 3G Tactical’s commitment to raising funds and awareness for the breast cancer cause.


Customer review of our O.H.I.O. Holoster

February 8, 2013

This Is a review we received from a very satisfied customer of our O.H.I.O. Holster

you can purchase it here:

Front of Black

simply defining my criteria….

1. Comfort – no surprise here…., but I don’t want excessive movement of the holster on my belt or against by body. Firm but adjustable is what I like. For example, when I like to make a small adjustment getting in and out of my truck.

2. Durability – I don’t want to spend $$$ on something that goes on the top shelf or into the trash can after a couple years of use. It is very easy to end up with as much $$ in holsters and accessories as it is the gun that they’re matched too.

3. Functionality – Simple, is it made for my gun and do I need to compromise anything to make the system operate fully. In other words, even though the package shows my model of weapon on the packaging, will I have to “accept” some sort of short coming and/or modification that I need to make to improve the overall system.

4. Minimal Weapon Wear – I expect some wear, physics says its going to happen. Personally, i view my carry weapon as a “working weapon” so it will never go onto any trophy mantle. At the same time I don’t want a $600 weapon looking like a kids toy with the plating coming off after only a few months of use either.

5. Something I call “Combat Ready Retention” – This covers quite a bit…. I expect the weapon retention of the holster to be perfect if I’m on my JD Gator, 4 wheeler, running with my grandson, stacking wood, or ready to dispatch some jackass trying to come into my home. I cant be ready for the combat (CQC) situation if I have no confidence that my holster will get me and my weapon to that moment or situation.

6. Appearance – while I don’t need the holster to make a fashion statement, I don’t want it to look like my two and a half year old grandson made it either. However, I firmly believe in function over fashion.

Criteria defined, same as the last review,… now lets get down to the nitty gritty…

Comfort – This holster is comfortable! I am still carrying a G19 and what I thought would be a problem due to the lack of realestate when compared to the “tuck it” turned out to be of no concern. For a small holster and mid to standard size weapon this holster is very comfortable. I have done long driving trips, duty station work, splitting wood, mowing, working, you name it… I have never had the thought “I cant wait to get this holster off of my side” go through my mind. My inside layer of clothing or undershirt doesn’t seem to get “walked up” even when the outside shirt is tucked in. Overall movement is limited and if I need or want to move the holster from the 4 o’clock to the 4:30 position or vice versa there is no issue whatsoever.

Durability – Again, your quality of materials is great. I have sweat to death in this holster, been sprayed with a hose, traveled to places and froze my @ss off and the leather and reinforced lip have maintained its shape with no issues at all. Ride height seems to be perfect for me regardless of jeans or shorts worn, I have had no issue regarding ride height and the cant is perfect. The cant seems a little less than 15 degrees, maybe its more like 13? Trade secret I’m sure, but its perfect.

Functionality – Following what I did prior I offered a score on the “tuck it” holster and I will do the same here…. I would give this holster a 99% functionality right out of the package! I love the holster the way it is, including the clips. I think that the clips should stay swivel and not fixed. When compared to the “tuck it” I said that fixed clips would be better for the holster (as I showed in my modifications) this O.H.I.O. needs NO CHANGE TO THE CLIPS. With the small realestate the additional slight movement that occurs allows the holster and weapon to move with my body and whatever activity that I am doing at the time.

Minimal Weapon Wear – Nothing to complain about here… only leather touching the weapon,… I cant see any wear issues occurring at all. So, someone that carries their “pretty” weapon instead of their “working” weapon will have no issues at all.

Combat Ready Retention – The weapon stays in the holster very well, just the natural tackiness of a good grained leather. I have never had the weapon “sneak” up, even after a run or some tree climbing to top a tree.

Appearance – Same as last review, I am not in this for fashion… However, a good looking holster sells when on the shelf. This holster has the appearance that I would expect and I like it very much. It has that manly well built appeal to it.

Wrapping up, this is the only holster that I wear, ask my wife! The only time that I haven’t worn it has been the far and few times that I have ankle carried. I think you have put one in the bulls-eye with this holster and I hope you sell a pile of them so other people can enjoy this holster as much as I do. Your materials, design and efforts have shown through in this holster. Even with everything that I have done with this holster you could still put it on the shelf and sell it as new. Matter of fact the only issue that I see is the fact that once someone buys this holster they wont need to buy a replacement for a very long time!


Thanks RJ from Ohio for this great review.

Wounded Warrior Project Clears up the air. It was a mis-comunication

November 15, 2012

If you read the article, and the email exchange about the Wounded Warrior project, you know the gun community was in an uproar for a couple days. Looks like they are trying to clear the air. I hope everyone reads this. The link above will let you read exactly what they are saying. I will continue to support WWP, Do you make your own decision.

In the past, we made our logo available to appear on wide variety of products, including guns. As an organization, we owe it to our donors and constituents to maximize the return on investment of our dollars and brand.  We are always looking at our business practices and whether we should continue with them in the future. In the case of cobranding, we’ve decided that we’re not going to offer our logo to appear on weapons anymore – whether they’re guns, knives, bows, swords, or any other type of weapon. There are still a few of the guns around for sale that had licensed our logo years ago, but there aren’t any new ones being made.  This is purely a business decision based on a review of a return on investment, especially when compared with other types of cobranding ventures.

Regarding the question of donations and events, we do permit fundraisers that are shooting- and gun-related, such as gun raffles, shooting competitions, etc., and we’re incredibly appreciative of those who are willing to give their time to host or participate in an event. Likewise, we gratefully accept donations from companies and individuals connected with the gun industry.

As indicated above, we know that hunting and shooting sporting events can be very therapeutic for many of the Wounded Warriors we serve, and we’re happy to work with the community to make these types of events available to our Alumni. Hunting and shooting sport enthusiasts are an incredibly supportive and generous community, and we’ve been honored by how often folks have opened their land and homes, and volunteered their time to make these types of events possible for our Alumni.  We certainly regret the appearance of a lack of appreciation for the support the community has given us based on a confusingly communicated business decision.

The Wounded Warrior Project Doesn’t want Our Money

November 14, 2012
Radio Host Tom Gresham Invited WWP to his program to help draw attention to their cause to the Millions of listeners to his program. They declined the invitation, Read their explanation:
(I copied the entire article from the Gun Talk Facebook page, linked above)
Wounded Warrior Project Email Exchange
by Gun Talk on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 11:56am ·

After Sunday’s show, we’ve gotten many emails about Tom’s remarks after WWP declined an interview request on Gun Talk Radio because it’s a firearms-related show. We’ve also seen the forums that are suggesting many things that are not true. So, I’m going to lay it all out right here.

We thought it would be great to book the WWP on the Veteran’s Day show to promote the organization, so I contacted them. I was flabbergasted when their PR contact, Leslie, sent me an email saying they could not participate because our show dealt with firearms. Knowing that WWP has had a booth at trade shows and various gun shows across the US, takes wounded warriors on hunts and range days, raffles guns and accessories as fundraisers, etc., their policy didn’t make much sense. I forwarded the email on to Tom to get his take.



The following is the complete email exchange:


Hello, Leslie:

Sarah forwarded me your email after I asked her to invite the Wounded Warriors Project to join me on “Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk” radio show.


I’m stunned at your email saying that the WWP doesn’t participate in an interview or activity related to firearms.  Inasmuch as there are 90 million gun owners and most of them support wounded veterans, I think they would be shocked to hear that they are, by way of their hobbies, somehow not worthy of helping with the Wounded Warriors Project.


 Does your policy apply also to police agencies and the military, since they are “related to firearms?”


I’m hoping that we have misunderstood your email.  Can you confirm that it is, in fact, an official policy of the Wounded Warriors Project to not do interviews with or participate in any activity related to firearms?


Thank you.

Tom Gresham




Good afternoon —


While we appreciate your interest in Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) you are correct that we decline the media opportunity.


Please note the following notice that appears on our website which also applies to WWP public awareness policy and inquiries from media outlets:


WWP does not co-brand, create cause marketing campaigns or receive a percentage or a portion of proceeds from companies in which the product or message is sexual, political or religious in nature, or from alcohol or firearms companies.


 Thank you for your inquiry.



 public relations director


O: 904.405.1433

 M: 904.654.8138

 F: 904.296.7347


 Wounded Warrior Project

 4899 Belfort Road, Suite 300

 Jacksonville, Florida 32256



Thanks for confirming that, Leslie.  It was a simple opportunity to promote the WWP on a national program in an effort to send donations your way.

 I’ll pass along the info that you don’t want or need the help of America’s gun owners.  


 Best regards,

 Tom Gresham




Good morning —

This policy is not a judgment on those who own and use firearms – clearly every member of our armed forces has been trained in the use of firearms and then called on to use them in the course of their service to this country.


Our position regarding firearms and alcohol is in response to the struggles that many injured service members face with substance abuse and suicide and the roles those items often play in those issues.


 Thank you.


 public relations director




Hello, Leslie:


Thank you for that explanation.


I do think — and I’m being as kind as possible — that it’s the nuttiest thing I’ve heard in years. Suicides are not linked to firearms. Japan has a much higher rate of suicide than does the U.S., and they have essentially no firearms. Suicide is a serious issue irrespective of the methodology used.  


This explanation doesn’t pass even the most simple “does this make sense” test.


Your policy does, in fact, brand firearms and the companies which make them as undesirables, and by association, you are saying that those who own and use firearms for recreation, hunting, self protection, and other safe and legal uses are to be avoided.


It’s certainly your option to ostracize the firearms industry, the 90 million gun owners in America, and the media which support firearms safety training.  


At this point, I feel an obligation to make sure the millions who listen to my radio show and watch my two national television series know about your policy.


I cannot fully express how much I feel you are doing a disservice to our wounded veterans, and how disappointed I am to discover this bias at the Wounded Warriors Project.



Tom Gresham

I am not Advocating a boycott of their cause, as I do believe they are doing great things for our wounded heroes. I do believe we need to let them know we disagree with their stand, and If they want our money they must change their stance.

Open Carry Meet and greet

November 12, 2012

Open Carry Meet and greet.

November 25th 1:00pm At A Fat Boyz Pizzaria in Troy Ohio.

December 29th Ohio CCW class

November 12, 2012

On December 29th 2nd Amendment Stuff will be holding the last Ohio CCW/ NRA Basic pistol Class. This class will be 12 hours long as mandated by Ohio law. Upon completion you will receive a certificate which you can take to the Sherrif’s dept. and apply for your Ohio License to Carry a concealed handgun. We will be outdoors on the range for 2 hours, so dress appropriately. This will be our last class for 2012. Lets go out of the year with a “Bang”.

Class starts at 8am. Cost is $120.00 and includes lunch.

Location of the classroom

3G Tactical

135 E. Main St. (suite 201)

Tipp city Ohio 45371

Register for the class soon to secure this class.

Ohio Concealed Carry Class for Women

November 12, 2012

On November 25th. 2nd Amendment Stuff will Be teaching the Ohio CCW/NRA Basic Pistol Class. This class will be for Women Only. We have noiced that more women are taking this class. We have also noticed that some women are uncomfortable when there are too many men in the classroom. This class is 12 hours long as mandated by Ohio Law. This class is geard toward beginners, But more advanced shooters will not be bored. We will spend 2 hours on the range.

Use the above link to register for this class. There are only 12 seats available for this class, so do not wait, Register now.

Class starts at 8am. cost  $120.00 includes lunch

The class will be held at:

3G Tactical

135 E. Main St. (suite 201)

Tipp City, OH 45371

3G Tactical Forum

July 21, 2012

The guys at 3G Tactical have the new forum up and running.

Contact Info

 3G Tactical
 135 E. Main St.
 Tipp City, OH 45371
 Tel: (937) 506-8108
 Fax: (937) 506-8132

3G is a great gun shop in Tipp City. The guys there are welcoming, and knowledgable. If they do not have what you are looking for in stock, They will order it in for you. Handguns, Long guns, Optics, accessories. They are an NFA class 3 dealer. Need a supressor??

They offer a full line of training classes as well.  Concealed carry, Personal protection in the home, Personal Protection Outside the home, Competitive Pistol, Defensive pistol, Tactical Carbine. 3G has 4 talented Instructors and one Apprentice Instructor. 

Not to mention they are a stocking dealer of  2nd Amendment Stuff Holsters and accessories.

 Come check out the forum. Join in the conversations. The topics are numerous.


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